To develop processes to meet the unique requirements of our customers and empower them to be self-sustaining. It is this simple but effective approach that has left many of our clients satisfied and still engaged with us today.


We take care of the finer details in the implementation of these carefully selected Microsoft applications and support all the peripheral technologies that make these line-of-business application a success. This provides a holistic solution.

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Microsoft Development

As a Microsoft partner of choice we have the skills and resources to achieve your business objectives through Microsoft solutions.

Expert Advice

We are constantly up-skilling ourselves to render sound expert advice with the Microsoft solutions space.

Consulting Services

We pride ourselves on engaging with you in order to understand how a solution can adequately support your business objectives.

Microsoft Training

As an accredited preferred Microsoft partner we have the correct experience to empower you to use your solutions to drive business goals.

Level 2 BBBEE

As a South African Microsoft Partner we proudly support Black Economic Empowerment for the benefit of all South Africans.

Custom Development

Imagine the power of a Microsoft solution, tailored to the unique requirements of your business.


Digital Transformation For Your Business

80% Senior Executive said investing in digital transformation is critical to future success.

60% of Investment in digital transformation initiatives will reach USD 2.2 Trillion by 2019- almost 60% more than this year.

70% of the top 500 global companies will have dedicated digital transformation and innovation teams by the end of 2017.

In a recent survey conducted by Paxosolve 95% of customers were happy with the service provided by Paxosolve.

Source IDC.


Microsoft Technology Consultants
The Microsoft Technology consulting function that Paxosolve uses is a direct engagement model. Discussing what the business objectives are for your business, adding best practices that Microsoft suggests and going through a suggestion of ideas which enrich your business objectives from the experience Paxosolve has gained through other past implementations.
Microsoft Solutions Development
Many of the best Information Technology (IT) systems that are available today, which are often installed by industry experts provide 80 percent of the functionality required by business. These generic best practice IT Systems assist your company to ramp up quickly and start using these systems sooner than later, and start getting a return on investment sooner.
Microsoft Training
As the people, the primary stakeholders, of a new system are about to commence on the adoption of the new line-of-business application, Paxosolve identifies the need for what training is required in the chosen Microsoft product. The best possible results are defined by looking at the job role required to operate the application, and present the custom job role training based on the company’s requirement to the users of the system.


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